NATIVE Perennials for Your Pollinator Plot

Beginning Saturday, April 26 at the North Side Farmer’s Market, Treez Please will haveĀ  aboutĀ  700 potted native pollinator perennials for sale. They are fresh from Prairie Nursery in Wisconsin and will just be sending up green by late April (right now, they’re dormant).

Dormant plantsThe cost will be $3.25 per 2.5″ pot, which includes a small profit for Treez Please and sales tax.

Get your bee garden started early with these easy-to-grow, ready-to-go pollinator favorites. These natives have NOT been treated with any chemical pesticides, as most retail plants have been. That means that the bees will not be harmed by neonics that remain in the plant’s system (see Friends of the Earth’s Bee Action page,

For a list of wildflowers and native grasses that will be for sale, see our Projects page.




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