• Bringing Nature Home, Douglas Tallamy, 2007—the book that explains clearly the crisis in our ecosystems as it affects insects, pollinators, birds, and ultimately,  humans—and how we can help. Tallamy’s website provides an overview of his book, as well as valuable plant information:
  • Urban and Suburban Meadows, Catherine Zimmerman—the how-to book, full of specific, illustrated techniques for establishing meadow plantings in all kinds of settings large and small.


  • Missouri Botanical Garden,, describes a huge number of plants and tells whether they’re native, their growing requirements, and bloom times. The best we’ve found for  information about all kinds of plants,  including trees.
  • Xerces Society,, a fantastic resource for information about the plight of pollinators and other essential insects
  • has excellent articles and links to information about native plants and building biodiversity.
  • Ecosystem Gardening,, a website, blog, and weekly email by Carole Savilla Brown, with links to other ecosystem gardeners and their blogs.

Seed and plant sources

Building Native Plant Communities in Youngstown, Ohio